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Coalville, Nr. Leicester

Cost & Start Time

£45 per participant    Time: 9am-5pm

3 tickets available.

Calling all sovereigns to rally together and attend the Sovereign Project conference, which will cover an introduction into becoming sovereign, working on your mind-set, enhance your language, and perfect your paperwork.

This all day event will be a solid foundation and introduction into learning how to become sovereign, to network with other sovereign people, and to learn how the system works.


A foundational education in gaining back your rights and freedom with True Law.

For those who attend, and wish to advance further, then the opportunity to set up your own sovereign workshop is available, where you shall gain access to further information, and private on-line meetings.

Or perhaps consider setting up a weekly private group, called a chess club, where you will be able to share information and remedies that can help with any issues the group may have, and be a part of a growing network.


Trina Deacon

A special guest, Trina Deacon of Private Trusts Direct, will be holding a presentation on trusts, to give you some solutions in protecting your assets.


There are only 100 places available. The ticket includes a free copy of the sovereign manual, which has been revised to included Direct Private Trust information.


Free refreshments including tea and coffee are available, with an affordable menu for those who wish to have lunch.

There will be a full bar, restaurant and hotel facilities on offer, with plenty of free parking.

Exact location will be sent with order confirmation. Please note this is a non refundable event.

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