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"This has been an excellent introductory course. Very in depth, informative and practical. Pete has a wealth of experience and understanding and this comes across in the presentations. Janette has been very professional in hosting the course. This is real education and I highly recommend this course to those who wish to learn about the system and our rights."


"I have nearly finished the sovereign 22 week course (one week to go) done by Pete and Janette and it's absolutely brilliant. Pete somehow manages to bring in humour along with some amazing hidden knowledge and I am telling everyone I know to take the course and they won't be disappointed. Couldn't recommend highly enough."


"The course has really given me alot of focus and multiple ideas of how to hit back at this system that I would probably never have found if I was trying to find out all of this information by myself."



Our Courses

One off cost: £68


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One off cost: £65


Please check your junk/spam folder for the confirmation email and mark the email safe/not spam!


"I am enjoying the course and I'm glad I enrolled."



"This course is a no brainer!  Everyone should take it.  For those who have collated all these odd events over the last decades - the course explains it all.  We have all been brainwashed at government schools, dumbed down with poisons (fluoride in drinking water) and now being exposed to the depopulation agenda which is unrelenting.  If your kids and grand kids are to have any life we must all collectively join up en mass and push back.  The ‘freedom’ of the internet we have now will be gone next year.  How will people be able to be educated as to what is really happening if this tool is removed? Talk to people - get them to take the course. Buy or download the manual while you can….we are running out of time"


"I can't praise this 22 week course enough. If you struggle trying to fit into this crazy world, perhaps you came here to help CREATE a new one. Pete has helped me transform my mindset, and given me basic KNOWLEDGE and TOOLS so that I can really start to RECLAIM WHAT IS MINE. If you want to reclaim your SOVEREIGNTY and TAKE BACK YOUR POWER, this course is for you." 


22-week Introductory Course - online

The above 22-week online course has finished. However, you are welcome to purchase the course and watch the weekly recording at your own leisure by visiting the video page -

16-week Advanced Course - online

Please note that it is advisable to do the 22-week Introductory Course first, before taking the Advanced Course, to ensure you have a basic understanding of how the system works.


The 16-week Advanced Course has now finished. Pete has added an extra 3 weeks for Debt Validation and 1 extra for the system map, so all in all, this course is for 20 weeks in total. Please watch the recordings in your own time by visiting this page -

Courses fees: Sadly, we are unable to split the payments. The courses are non-refundable.

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