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Image by Steve Carrera

Join The Sovereign Fraternity

There is a solution to the tyranny we're experiencing throughout the world today and it's within the grasp of everyone who is willing to work towards it. We believe this begins with unity and the first step in our mission is to unite those who wish to be free through the Sovereign Fraternity.

If you pledge to be proactive and take the oath to do no harm, keep your word and help your fellow sovereign, then you will not be alone on the journey towards becoming free and you will enjoy the Fraternity benefits.


Join for free to become a proactive member of the Sovereign Fraternity.


Learn how to break your brainwashing and truly comprehend your natural state of sovereignty.


Learn how to use language to stand your ground; the true meaning behind words will become known to you.


Learn how Law actually works, know how to use powerful paperwork and procedures to keep you safe and make the oppressors pay.

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