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To contribute to creating a better, safer and more peaceful world through, serving, teaching and mentoring of properly applied disciplines and principles of; successful and peaceful communication, settlement of matters promptly, privately, proper etiquette, mutual and self-respect, self-empowerment, self-governance, love, harmony, integrity, honour, patience and faith. So the community at all levels experience an enhanced quality of life in harmony with nature without detriment to life and the natural world, thereby expressing and manifesting the “Golden Rule” of “Love Thy Neighbour”.


The Solutions Empowerment (SE) makes experiences and success strategies of its founder Mark available, by delivering a series of easy to digest webinars. Each on its own unique subject matter and each supported by webinar support notes, so his members are educated, upskilled and have the tools to:


  • Settle matters successfully, and in one's own favour, any outstanding commercial, financial or legal matter,

  • Learn and apply the highest form of jurisprudence – law,

  • Know the foundational principles to settling a matter privately as the first option and publically (legal proceedings) as a fall back option,

  • Establish standing and status as a private wo/man and know how to apply it for self-protection and preservation,

  • Transition from the public realm to the protection and safety of the private realm, to enable life to proceed in peace, tranquillity and abundance,

  • Know how to discharge all liabilities to pay a debt,

  • Know how to validly, legitimately, legally and lawfully bypass the public commercial parasites and pirates (tax office, debt recovery office, Courts etc.),

  • Know how to leverage and create wealth quickly,

  • Know how to protect your growing estate and pass it to your offspring intact, and much much more.

Pile of Books

For the newly initiated, there is a free formal Foundational knowledge course to get quickly up to speed about the two realms/worlds/jurisdictions. One being the public realm of slavery/bondage and poverty, and the other being the private realm of peace, peaceful and collaborative existence. Resulting in abundance and prosperity where all public pirates and parasites are precluded from entering. Being that the public and private realms can never mix.


On their website are 70 recorded live webinars and growing. They’re free for any number of viewings by their members, each on its own unique subject matter, each supported by webinar support template documents that enable the member to upskill, learn and apply techniques, processes and knowledge that enable dramatic changes and improvements to the quality of life, where people can quickly prosper in an ever imploding worldwide economy.


Success leaves clues. The elite around the world are so because they prevail largely within the private realm!


Isn't it time the private realm was made available and open to you so you’re afforded an opportunity to live the life of your dreams?


The knowledge, processes, foundational commercial and settlement processes, webinars and resource documents have been claimed to be worth millions of dollars, but SE membership is $129AUD the first year, with subsequent annual renewal of membership being only $99AUD! Please note that Mark is based in Australia.

Non Registered (Private) Trust Products

  1. The common - Family Discretionary Trust, the most common of all Trusts, for the immediate family.

  2. The Unit Trust - for community groups for the purpose of community projects, investment vehicles etc.


Trusts have stood the test of time and are used by the elite and powerful commonly to protect their estate (asset protection) and privacy as well as lay the foundation for rapid wealth creation.


SE Trust products are unique because they are not registered (like those obtained from lawyers and accountants) but are “seen” by the public realm and hence can conduct commerce in both the private and the public realm.


Where SE is also unique, is that they teach their clients how to use and apply their Trusts. Just as the elite teach their own offspring, so the need to approach lawyers or accountants, whenever you make transactions, is mitigated. You’re always in charge and control, through provision of recorded Trust webinars and Trust support documents. Documents are usually only completed and supplied by your lawyer or accountant for a fee upon each transaction.


The one off charge to establish a Family Discretionary Trust is $1,650AUD for SE members, and $1,950AUD for non SE members, with no ongoing annual fees or costs. Please note Mark is based in Australia.


Trust support documents are provided with SE Trusts so the Trustee/s, the party/ies that administer the Trust (you), may conduct and complete whatever commercial transactions engaged by the Trust.


Lastly, they provide an excellent support book explaining Trusts. SE wants its clients to be competently educated so they themselves;


  1. Become financially independent, and

  2. Know how to protect all the estate they themselves create and accumulate, and

  3. Create wealth and prosper at a pace they themselves control



  1. Protection of your hard earned accumulated assets – including your cash,

  2. Bypass of the public commercial pirates and parasites (tax office, debt recovery office, Courts etc),

  3. Wealth creation and opportunity to prosper even in times of economic decline,

  4. Smooth and intact transition of your estate to your offspring upon your passing, paramount, contact SE by filling in the form. 


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