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The sovereign project needs you!

It has been great for the sovereign project, with new members joining daily, however, we are victims of our own success and are expanding rapidly, so we now really need your help in areas to expand our various projects so we can offer real solutions and services to help you combat the tyranny.

We are looking for people to join an elite group that will work together using their chosen skills to work on three key areas of the overall sovereign project strategy.



It has become apparent that gaining more members is vital to the success of the freedom movement, which will require sharing the message of what freedom truly is all about with new people who still do not know there is a way out of the nightmare.

Pete has offered to be a guest on any podcast willing to help spread the word of truth and freedom.

So this brings us to the first area that we need help with, which is organising new podcast interviews for Pete.

The good news is, we already have Kay and Konrad who have stepped forward to help with networking and database organisation. We need a group to submit a new podcaster ideas and help with emailing podcasters. 


The second area that requires your help is the idea of setting up a “sovereign nation”, as a form of stepping stone to help people to transition from tyranny over to freedom and individual sovereignty.

This second project will take much more work, and we require a minimum of 300 dedicated sovereign people to help piece this large project together.

And lastly, the third area where we need help is spreading the word of truth across the internet by posting information, e-flyers, videos and memes.

If you are interested and would like to help, please submit your details and enrol with the sovereign task force, where you’ll receive emails and offers to join private meetings just for the group.

Please only people who are genuinely offering help need to apply. Thank you for your help and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

This war is a numbers game, and the more who push back, the easier it is for us all.

Sovereign Task Force

Thanks for submiting your details. We will be in touch.

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