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The Future of the Sovereign Fraternity

In addition to support in helping you get your sovereign mindset, language and paperwork correct, there are exciting plans for the Sovereign Fraternity which will be realised as membership begins to grow.

The greatest benefit of the Fraternity is that you will not be alone on your journey - you will be connected with thousands (and eventually millions) of like-minded people, working toward creating personal and collective freedom together.

fraternity chapter

You will be able to join your local Sovereign Fraternity chapter, where you'll meet others in person and together you will have access to vital information. Your chapter will work with you to find the right remedy for your personal issues and current situation.

rights & freedom

Recognising they were never anyone else's to take away, the Fraternity will help you get all your rights and freedoms back, without exception - they are absolute, there is no compromise.

sovereign counsel

A Sovereign Counsel will be set up comprising of scholars who have experience and deep knowledge of all areas of law, including the legal system. It will devise the correct remedy for larger issues that affect us all and which need to be resolved in order to turn away from the system and become free.

sovereign network

You will be able to connect with people all over the world who are also working towards complete freedom. The Network will also support honest, hard working businesses, who are tired of corporate overreach, helping them operate outside of it and be free to trade with others of the same mindset.

sovereign health

Seeking your own (and offering to provide) treatment is your choice alone. No one has the right to interfere with your mind, spirit, body and health. This is a fundamental human right that will be protected under the Fraternity.

This will also encompass a global clean food network, free of any artificial synthetic ingredients, GMOs, and pesticides.


home schooling

Mainstream schools have failed on a generational level. As loving parents pull their children out of these agencies of misinformation, indoctrination and programming, they will be protected while living in peace teaching their children the lessons of life. A true education shall be offered.


Above all else the wellbeing and total, unequivocal protection of ALL children, will be paramount. No child, under the protection of the Fraternity will ever be harmed. Doing so will bring down a wrath so devastating to the individual that this will become a warning to others. No pity, remorse, or forgiveness will be given to anyone harming children under the protection of the Fraternity. 


Many people all around the world take great risks to state the truth and warn others. They do this even with the understanding that they will be targeted, and may even pay the ultimate price. However, under the protection of the Fraternity, these people will be protected and given a platform to speak freely, without the fear of persecution.

Holding Hands

sovereign app

This App will be designed to notify all Fraternity Members in the area that a fellow sovereign is being threatened.

Those nearby will come to give assistance, documenting the situation and becoming your witness to unfolding events. Within 24 hours of using the app, the entire global Sovereign Fraternity will have been notified and ready strike back, with the full force of the Fraternity.

social media

With growing censorship and de-platforming, a new series of social networks are planned, with absolute free speech.

Until that time we will use the current social media platforms to help bring freedom back to this planet.


You will be shown how to deal with unauthorised surveillance, through your own devices. The Fraternity will offer clean software and new devices that no longer run the corporate software, but use open source software such as Android Sovereign and Linux.


An attempt is being made to push us into a cashless society. Instead of fighting this, we will embrace it, but using the Fraternity's system, not theirs.

Gold is the preferred choice for money of the Fraternity, and a debit card will be offered to be able to spend your gold over the counter.

promissory note

For those who know how the global monetary system works, this part of the Project will be self-evident; for those of you who do not, you will be taught.

sovereign note

Technology has now reached a point where it is affordable to make actual notes with real impregnated gold.

These will be offered to enable you to trade within the Sovereign Network.

Image by Dmitry Demidko
Image by Tim Evans

trusts & foundations

It is becoming common knowledge within the truth movement, and those of us who are awake, that the people who control this pyramid of control are protected from it. They use Trusts and Foundations to protect their assets and dynastic wealth. You will be shown how to do the same.


The Fraternity will work with you to dismiss any unfounded claims of debt made against you. There are many forms of debt, whether it's credit card, loans or even mortgages, you will be taught how these truly work and then you will know there is no debt.

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