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Advanced course

with Pete Stone

  • 2 hr
  • Online

Course Details

New advanced workshop **SIGN UP WITH YOUR MEMBER EMAIL** The System: A deeper level. This new advanced course will run for 16 weeks and cover these main areas: Traps: Exposing the truth behind the many traps and pitfalls that people fall into. Language: A deeper understanding of how words can be deceptive and used to defraud you. Birth certificate: How your parents are deceived into abandoning you. The name deception: How you are tricked into accepting another name controlled by another. Your name and the Unam sanctam: The history of the name deception, and the loss of your freedom. Child as collateral: The difference between money and legal tender and how your name is used to create credit, making you a bonded slave since birth. Courts; a pagan religion: How courts operate and the hidden workings of the court. How it is set up so you can never win. Law vs Commerce: within the state controlled commerce system there are 12 hidden rules the controllers do not want you to know. Once you have an understanding of how the system works, you will see how fragile it is, and you will be able to understand, and use the solutions to escape it. We will add an additional 3 weeks on top of 16 where we will discuss Debt Validation. And 1 more shorter version meeting where we will talk about how the system is set up. You can purchase the advanced handbook here – Or download the paperwork for each session from the website. As before, each session will be recorded and you will be able to re-watch or catch up in your own time. Course is non-refundable. One off cost of £65, we are unable to split the payments. Thank you. Sovereign Team.

Cancellation Policy

Please note that this course is non refundable. The videos will stay on our website for you to catch up at your own leisure.

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