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On line - 22 week course

with Pete Stone

  • 2 hours
  • Online

Course Details

INTRODUCTION The course has finished, you will have access to recordings and will need to catch up in your own time. **SIGN UP WITH YOUR MEMBER EMAIL** This course is set up for those who have just begun to wake up. These people may now realise something is seriously wrong. But have also realised they are severely lacking in any skills to deal with it. In short, they know nothing. This series of online webinars is a guide for those wishing to stay on the right path and learn the fundamental basics before attempting any remedies that they may need to escape the system. Many of you are now on your own personal journey and wish to learn more in order to help others to gain the same knowledge; the Sovereign Project was set up to do this. THE BEGINNING There are many pitfalls, scams and distractions within this world regarding the truth. Most are set up to keep you enslaved, or to remove you of your hard earned wealth. However, some may have good intentions but are just misguided and are therefore also giving bad information. Although most people can recognise text written on paper or screen, they are still considered illiterate as they do not understand the meaning behind words or what is truly being said. Until you learn this, you shall always be scammed. The course will teach you to read for the first time, and then give you the foundation of what law really is. As you progress through the weekly webinars, you’ll be shown how the system really works, and then you will also discover how very weak it truly is. Much of the information is already freely available for download on this website. However, the host will cover each topic in turn, and offer the opportunity to ask questions. Such topics range from the following: • The Plebetoral system. • Levels of law and Different forms of law. • Signatures and how to protect yours. • Mail procedures and Inspecting mail for fraud. • How contracts work. • Titles and actions that steal your status. • Public vs Private. • How to write a notice. • How warrants work. • How courts should work and how to short circuit a fraudulent court. • How to use your language. • Police, authority, arrest and how to talk to the police. • Affidavits explained and how to use different types of an affidavit. • Liens, what are they? And how to use them. Once completed you will have a good foundation of the truth, and have the knowledge to go after people lawfully and legally who trespass against you with fraudulent contracts.

Cancellation Policy

Please note that this course is non refundable. The videos will stay on our website for you to catch up at your own leisure.

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